The Baltimore Orioles have assigned players to Delmarva and they are on the Eastern Shore (roster will be released today).  A quick note: the #13 and #14 rated players in the Baltimore Orioles organization (according to Baseball America) will be playing here at Arthur Perdue Stadium this summer.  Also, eight players who played at least one game for the Shorebirds last season are back.

A quick workout yesterday for the team and today a lot of media responsibilities for the guys (just normal procedure during the preseason).  Headshots, media day are on the docket.  Pretty easy and routine stuff for most of the players.

On Wednesday, the Shorebirds are hosting a Meet-and-Greet at Arthur Perdue Stadium at 5:00 p.m.  First chance to meet the players before they depart for Lakewood, New Jersey on Thursday morning.   

Everyone here at the stadium is busy gearing up for April 16th, when the Shorebirds welcome the Lake County Captains to Arthur Perdue Stadium.

Until next time, Go Shorebirds!



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