Game Two and Burger King

Just arrived at the ballpark in preparation for game two.  More players boarded the first bus to the park today (good sign).   Basically, the team arranges for two separate bus departures to the park every day.  Pitchers are required to go on the first bus for stretching and throwing, while position players usually take the second.  They are an hour apart by the way.

We are actually staying about 20 minutes away from the stadium in Toms River, New Jersey.  Very nice hotel but not a lot within walking distance.  Food options are somewhat limited.  There is a Burger King right in the parking lot (my lunch destination two days in a row- I know not very healthy), Friendly’s is a little bit of a walk down the street and apparently there is a sushi place somewhere close (maybe I’ll investigate).

Speaking of Burger King, if you bring a BK receipt to a Sunday game at Perdue Stadium this year you get a general admission ticket for $1!!!! 

Ok- I just got the lineups, Shorebirds lineup is identical to last night.  BlueClaws have a couple wrinkles tonight.

Rain is a possibility by the way.  Hopefully it stays away.  I was talking to some folks here and apparently the field drains extremely well so who knows.

Until next time, Go Shorebirds!


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Who are the prime time players this year ?


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