Greetings From Hagerstown

It took us a little bit longer than expected to get into Hagerstown from Lakewood.  I’d say five hours or so due to traffic as we got towards 95 and the DC area.  Anyway, no big deal, we arrived safely and the first bus arrived at Municipal Stadium (home of the Suns) just about 30 minutes ago.

Another nice hotel by the way but really oddly designed.  If it wasn’t for some of the guys that had been there before, it may have taken some of us five minutes to find our rooms.

Tonight starting pitcher is Oliver Drake (just added to the roster).  What an interesting story he is.  Read an article that I found written about Drake.  Click Here

Going to be an interesting view of the ball field tonight.  We are up high in the press box but almost looking straight down at the plate.  It reminds me of the view for the radio/tv broadcasters at Cameron Indoor Stadium (Duke).

Oh, a lot more places to eat around here by the way.  Quiznos, chinese buffet and some other places.  Breakfast in the hotel was pretty good too.  Some frosted flakes and yogurt for me today.

Enjoy the game tonight!


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