Home Sweet Home

Due to the rain out yesterday in Hagerstown, we arrived home in Salisbury at 7:00 o’clock!  What a blessing for everybody.  If the game was played, we probably don’t get in until 2:00 in the morning (Hagerstown is one of the closer trips too).  I’m not saying I was routing for a rain out, but it is sure nice to arrive back at normal people hours. 

Ryan Minor gave me two sandwiches on the bus last night (awesome).  Turkey sandwich with ketchup was a little odd but it tasted good and I was starving.   

One of the few bad things about arriving home is realizing that you have seven days worth of laundry to take care of.  Don’t forget that we start a seven-game home stand today, so there is not a whole lot of time to take care of that issue.  

It is a beautiful day on the Eastern Shore by the way.  Last night when we arrived it was pouring/nasty and the tarp was on the field.  A complete reversal as far as the weather is concerned. 

Rick Dempsey is going to be here tonight (1983 WS MVP).  Maybe I’ll try and catch up with him for an interview to post on “Around the Bases”.   

Time to finish printing stat packs and game notes for coaches/media/fans.

Until next time, Go Shorebirds!

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Heya, how did things go with Dempsey yesterday?Ashhttp://ashleymarshall.mlblogs.com

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