An Old Friend

Even though it seems like there are so many baseball teams, the baseball community is smaller than you would think.  Two plus years ago when I was the broadcaster for the Fayetteville SwampDogs (Coastal Plain League), Mike Valadez was the star catcher.  Now, he is the catcher for the Lake County Captains.  He was drafted a couple years ago in the 26th round by the Indians.  He actually left the SwampDogs towards the end of the season when he signed with the Indians.

Today, when I walked into the clubhouse to get the Captains lineup, I had a chance to talk to Mike for 10 minutes and catch up.  Young man has a great head on his shoulders and I hope that he is able to rise up the system.  Just funny to see him again at a different level.

On a side note, the Captains probable was promoted to Kinston (Advanced-A) this afternoon.  Therefore all the game notes and stat packs are wrong (this is not a first and it won’t be the last time the starter is promoted in the afternoon prior to his start).  Just a part of Minor League Baseball.  More than likely, Miller will fly to Kinston, North Carolina- then drive back to Eastlake, Ohio to get his belongings and then drive back to Kinston (It depends on if this is a permanent promotion or just a spot start).

Best weather day of the season today by far!

Until next time- Go Shorebirds!

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Michael spends lots of time talking to the young kids down by the bullpen in Lake County before the games. One of the good guys in baseball!

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