Who Would Win?

Good afternoon from sunny Arthur Perdue Stadium.

I have been pondering this question since opening day.  Who would win in a foot race up the first base line?  Xavier Avery or Kyle Hudson.

Regardless, the Shorebirds certainly have two of the fastest outfielders in all of the South Atlantic League.  But I am still very curious. 

Yesterday, I actually began to dig into the answer.  I interviewed Kyle for the Delaware Electric Co-ops pregame show last night.  At first, he wouldn’t give me a definitive answer. Then, at the end, I asked him again and he said he would win.  The interview is available here by the way.

I’ll get Xavier’s opinion soon.

Hopefully I can get them to race one of the days so we can put the question to bed.

But for now, what do you think?

Until next time – Go Shorebirds!

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