Rovers in Town

This week has been a busy one for the players.  Many of the Baltimore Orioles roving instructions are in town here in Salisbury.   In my experience, it is quite unusual that this many are in town at one time.

  • Joe Hogarty (MILB Strength and Conditioning Coordinator)
  • Alex Arias (MILB Infield Instructor)
  • Don Werner (MILB Catching Instructor)
  • Denny Walling (MILB Roving Hitting Instructor)
  • David Schmidt (MILB Pitching Coordinator)

All five were in town during this weeks homestand.  The roving instructors basically travel to all of the minor league affiliates to help the coaching staff (Orlando, Blaine and Ryan) in their specific area of expertise. 

Most of the rovers have big league playing experience.  For example, Alex Arias played in 775 games over 11 big league seasons with five different teams.  Don Werner played in seven big league seasons.  He actually caught for an injured Johnny Bench on June 16, 1978 when Tom Seaver tossed a no-hitter against St. Louis.  Dave Schmidt pitched for the Orioles between 87-89 and compiled a record of 28-23.

Most of the time when the rovers come into town, the players do extra work in the rovers area.  For example, if Dave Schmidt is in town, the pitchers do extra infield work or extra work in the bullpen. 

The Orioles have a total of nine roving instructors/coordinators who travel around the farm system.  Most of the time they come make appearances in the beginning of the season, middle of the season and towards the end of the year.

Just thought you all may be interested in learing about the rovers.  There are a lot of individuals who are apart of the process in getting these guys big league ready.

Until next time, Go Shorebirds!

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