Postponed, Off to Lake County



Game tonight (Wednesday) has been postponed due to un-playable field conditions.  This rain has really done some damage over the last three days.  Nothing we could do about it.

Anyway, this means we get to leave for Lake County much earlier.  The bus is going to depart at 4:30 pm. 

We are on a sleeper bus for this long trip to Eastlake, Ohio (15 minutes from Cleveland). 

Here are the basics of the sleeper bus.  About 20 or so individual seats plus a couple long couches in the back.  The beds are basically the overhead storage areas.  Instead of putting your luggage in the overhead areas, you sleep there.  There is also a huge flat screen TV.  I think I may watch the NFL draft on the bus if Santa Jack (bus driver) allows me to. 

Apparently I may get a bed just because I’m not very tall and I can probably fit easily.  Many of our taller/bigger players can’t fit so they opt for the seats.  I’ll let you know where I wind up.

Position players are hitting in the cages to get some work before departing for Lake County.  Pitchers did some stretching and throwing a little while ago. 

Radio equipment is on the bus- now I have to pack up my computer and go find a bed to sleep on.

Until we reach Ohio, Go Shorebirds!


so how many passengers on the bus? i would think about 30.
how many the passengers are able to sleep horizontally like in a bed?
if you get a seat do these recline a lot or a little?
so the passengers do shifts on the horizontal beds or does one just keep the horizontal bed the whole trip?

it’s great the blog lets us know when the game is called so far in advance!

I’ll be the house for the Friday game for sure. Thursday temps will be in the mid 50’s but it warms up into the 70’s for Friday and Saturday. Looks like no rain!!

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