Classic Park

Arrived at Classic Park in Eastlake at about 2:30 today.  Another beautiful park.  Very expansive with all the modern emenities (20 luxury suites, video board, outfield bleachers…etc). 

The field is also really well manicured.  The outfield and the infield looks like a checkers board.  I always marvel at how grounds keepers are able to line up their designs so perfectly. 

Hotel is in a perfect location- lots of food choices!!!!!! Today, I had lunch at Chipotle, which is similar to Moe’s Southwest Grill.  The burritos are just huge.  I used to eat at Chipotle at least twice a month in college at the University of Maryland so its nice to enjoy a burrito from there again.  They don’t have any on the Eastern Shore (at least I haven’t seen one).  There is also a McDonalds, Smokey Bones, Arby’s and a bunch of others that I can’t recall at the moment.  The hotel is also nice- no complaints from me. 

We arrived in Eastlake at 1:30 or so this morning- not bad at all.  The bus ride was seemless- I had my own two seats.  We watched the O’s and the White Sox play and we also watched two movies (After the Sunset and Galdiator).  I also read a little of Tony Dungy’s book.  Not a bad read.  Some of the guys play cards but most just watch TV or listen to music.

I’m going to go enjoy the great weather here and catch some batting practice. 

Until next time, Go Shorebirds!


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