Getaway Days

Welcome to Classic Park, home of the Captains – we just arrived about 20 minutes ago for the final game of this series.  Bus is loaded, Santa Jack is back at the hotel sleeping so he can drive through the night back to the Eastern Shore. 

Getaway Day is the day when you either leave for another city or head home.  Essentially, you are getting away from the city you’re in.

Couple things about getaway days:

1) We check out by 11.  Today, we went to the mall in Mentor right near the hotel.  I’m not the biggest mall guy in this world.  Unless I really need something, I generally perfer to stay away.  Mall bus is very very common.  Its an easy way to satisfy 30 people.  Only about half the players take the mall bus.  The team keeps a couple late check out rooms for those that don’t want to go to the mall.

2) We got back to the hotel at 1:15 and sat around in the lobby until 2:45 (bus leaves to park).  A bunch of the guys played cards or shot the breeze, etc.  I did the same.  Spades is the most popular game by far on this team. 

3) I have to pack up my equipment and bring it down to the bus following the game (no big deal).  I also have to write a quick recap so I don’t get left in Northern Ohio.

4) Trainer/Strength Coach will arrange for a meal following the game.  Today, the guys are paying seven dollars each to get a pizza/drink and maybe something else.

4) We have a nine hour bus ride back to Salisbury.

But hey at least we have an off day tomorrow.  Just thought you might be curious.

Until next time, Go Shorebirds!

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