Busy Couple Days

Boy this has been an odd last couple of days and a busy last 48 hours.  Ryan Freel was penciled into the starting lineup, he took batting practice and infield here at Arthur W. Perdue and then was recalled to Baltimore about an hour and a half before the first pitch.

Interesting story…I was actually interviewing him outside the clubhouse when one of the coaches came towards us and told me to wrap up the interview ASAP.  Ryan was in mid sentence, so he finished it and I just thanked him.  He walked back in the clubhouse and I walked back to the office.  At first, I thought I had did something wrong or kept him when he needed but be doing something but once Orlando called up to the press box with the lineup change, I quickly figured out that he was going back to Baltimore.

This is also a really busy week because it is such a short homestand.  In less than 24 hours, we will be on the road to Greensboro.  We have the sleeper bus again and I am going to remember my pillow. 

Tomorrow is a 10:35 game at Arthur Perdue.  For the players, its what is referred to as a “Show and Go” day.  No batting practice, no infield.  You show up and play, essentially.  Players won’t report until 9:00 o’clock tomorrow.  “Show and Go” days usually take place on Sundays or if a team arrives really early in the morning to another city.  The next day they won’t take BP and they’ll arrive late to the park.

The guys did a lot of early work today because they won’t be doing any early work tomorrow morning. 

By the way, Bob Miliacki is the pitching coach for the Lakewood BlueClaws.  I remember him from the Lynchburg Hillcats (Pirates) last season – nice guy.  Milacki actually started his big league career with the Baltimore Orioles.  He was selected by the Orioles in the 2nd round of the 1983 draft.  Between 1988-1992, he made 109 starts for the Orioles and recorded 37 wins. 

Just thought you might be interested in that little tidbit.

Until next time, Go Shorebirds!

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hope the freel interview, shortened though it may be, will be played on the pre-game radio broadcast and be added to the broadcast interviews available for replay on the multimedia portion of the shorebirds website.

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