Umpire Gets Hurt…What Happens?

Unfortunately South Atlantic League umpire Koyu Inoue suffered a concussion during a game on April 23rd at NewBridge Bank Park (home of the Greensboro Grasshoppers).  I was doing some homework on the Grasshoppers and stubbled upon this story about Inoue.  He did recover and is doing fine.

Read the below release about who replaced Inoue as umpires for the rest of the game. 


Sally League umpire Koyu Inoue was released from an area hospital after being treated for a concussion following Thursday’s game at Greensboro. Jeremy Synan fouled a sixth-inning pitch off Inoue’s head. He fell to the ground and was tended to for 47 minutes before being whisked away to the hospital. He said he has no idea what happened. It’s the third concussion suffered by Inoue, who was hit in the head last April and wasn’t cleared to resume umpiring until this January. Inoue was replaced behind the plate by field umpire Jason Hutchings while pitchers Brandon Todd of the Grasshoppers and Adam Jorgenson of the Tourists took over umpiring duties on the field. “This isn’t as unusual as you may think it is, especially in leagues with a two-umpire system,” said Justin Klemm, the executive director of the Professional Baseball Umpires Corporation. “Should one umpire become ill or injured, the other umpire can use his discretion and select a player from each team to work the bases.”


I thought you might be interested in knowing what happens in a case like this.  I wonder how Brandon Todd and Adam Jorgenson did as umpires.  I also wonder why they picked those two (besides the fact that they weren’t pitching that night).

Obviously at the MLB level they have alternates standing by and they have four-man crews.  In the Sally League, the umps travel in pairs. 

Hopefully nothing like that happens tonight or anytime during our stay here in Greensboro.  For that matter, hopefully no umpires get hurt for the remainder of the season.

I also stumbled on this in my research on the Grasshoppers.  The Grasshoppers have a mascot dog named Yogi Berra.  He recently relieved himself on the field during a game and was ejected.  It received some national attention. 


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