Lunch with Gomez

Just arrived at the park today for game three.  All players (expect Oliver Drake, because he is starting) were required to ride on the first bus today.  Butch Davis (Roving Outfield/Baserunning) is going to be doing extra work with the guys today on base running.

Went to lunch today with Orlando Gomez.  We ate at this place called Darryl’s right near the hotel.  Talking with Gomez is pretty cool because he has been around baseball for 45 years as both a player and a scout/manager/coach.  Nice guy as well.

He signed with the New York Yankees when he was just 16 years old.  Imagine going from being a sophomore or junior in high school to playing pro baseball.  In 667 career minor league games, he batted .220 in the Yankees and A’s organization.

We talked a little about his time in the South Atlantic League with Gastonia (Rangers).  His club won the championship that year and he was named the South Atlantic League Manager of the Year.  His catcher was none other than 17-year old Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez.  Rodriguez hit .238 that year in 112 games.  Rob Nen was also on that team.  There is no longer an MILB team in Gastonia but there is now a summer collegiate team (Gastonia Grizzlies). 

As a scout for Texas in the early 1980’s Gomez signed Ruben Sierra and Jose Guzman just to name a few.  Both obviously spent a number of successful years up in the majors. 

Orlando also reminded me that Mother’s Day is coming up on the 10th.  A busy minor league season just throws you off.  I totally forget that it was next Sunday.   Sorry mom.

I went with the French Dip today (delicious), while Orlando had a club sandwich.  Ok, now I am probably getting too detailed.

On a different, if you have noticed a difference in sound quality during the broadcasts here in Greensboro, we apologize.  Nothing we can do.  The Grasshoppers are doing everything they can do diagnose and deal with the issues.

I think I am going to do the game on a cell phone today.  Free nights and weekends come in handy here.  It’s actually decent quality from what our studio producer Tanner tells me.  It just looks kinda of weird.  The booth I am in is right next to the outdoor sitting of a suite so those folks have been looking at me funny the last two days when I am doing the game on a phone.  Not a big deal, phone lines seem to have a mind of their own.  Just wanted you all to know that we are aware of the issues and doing everything in our power to handle them.

Until next time, Go Shorebirds!

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Thanks on the tip about the sound quality. The past two nights (thur, friday) on internet radio I was able to get nothing. usually this works pretty well.

also on 960am radio there was no coverage of the game from 6:45pm to 7:05. i lose signal about that time due to the requirement that stations reduce power in the evening so i can’t comment on the coverage after that time.

hopefully the reception will be better tonight (saturday).

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