The Pat Egan Story

Yesterday afternoon, I ventured into the visiting clubhouse and disrupted a game of Gin Rummy to interview Shorebirds relief pitcher Pat Egan.  Pat actually won the hand so he was in a good mood during the interview.  In case you are wondering, he beat Colin Allen and starter Rick Zagone.  Gin Rummy and Spades are the two games that the guys play most often.

Pat’s story is an interesting one.  As you might not find surprising (due to the fact that he is 6’8″), Pat was an absolute star in basketball at Rocky Hill High School in Connecticut.  In 2002, Egan carried his team to the first state title in the history of Rocky Hill basketball.  He scored 27 points and grabbed 22 rebounds in the state title game against Ellington High School.

That season, Egan led all high school basketball players in the state of Connecticut in scoring.  Get this – in five games in the state tournament, Egan averaged 30.2 points per game.  Egan was named the state player of the year by the Hartford Courant and the New Haven Register (two well-respected newspapers in the state).

Egan could have played at a more prominent college but he decided to stay close to home and attend Quinnipiac University (30 minutes away).  He played basketball and baseball for just one year and then decided that baseball was his calling.  During his only year on the basketball team, he played in 29 games and averaged 13.4 minutes per.  He scored 4.5 points per game.

The other interesting thing about Egan is how he was able to fight through two major injuries during his days in college.  He suffered a freak injury, a blood clot in his right shoulder, during his sophomore year in college.  Then, he was forced to have Tommy John Surgery before his senior year.  He didn’t pitch for nearly two years but came back for a redshirt senior year.

Egan was drafted three different times by the Baltimore Orioles.  After his junior year, his senior year and his redshirt senior year.  That obviously is very uncommon for a player to be drafted three different times. 

As of 2007, Egan was tied for 2nd place in Quinnipiac history with 20 career wins. 

Also of note about Egan is that he was a starter in his first two seasons in the Orioles organization before moving to the bullpen this year.  David Stockstill (Player Development) and Dave Schmidt (Pitching Coodinator) sat down with Egan at Spring Training this year and told him that he would be moving to the pen.

With the NBA playoffs heating up, I also asked him aobut his favorite team.  Not surprisingly, he is a pretty big Celtics fan.  We watched a few of the Celtics/Bulls games on the bus and quite a few of the players are big Celtics fans. 



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