Shorebirds in the News!

On Tuesday, the Baltimore Suns’ Candus Thompson wrote a two-page feature on Field Coach Ryan Minor and how everything has come full circle for him.  Candus was here at Arthur W. Perdue Stadium about two weeks ago to talk to Ryan.  Then, when we were in Greensboro, she asked me to get Joe Mahoney and Tyler Henson to give her a call.  There is also a video interview with Minor attached to the article on the Suns website. 

To view the article CLICK HERE

In the Daily Times, the local paper in Salisbury, a feature was done on first baseman Joe Mahoney and how he redefined himself in the off season.

To view the article CLICK HERE

Just thought I would link these articles for our fans that are not living in the area with easy access to the two papers.

Until next time, Go Shorebirds!

Tarp Pulling 101 is due next by the way.  I think the front office here has officially destroyed the three day record for tarp pulls.  I’ll try and take some pictures. 


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