Shorebirds Break Tarp Pulling Record

This was a crazy last three days.  I must admit that I am a little tired.

Walk into any front office around Minor League Baseball and ask a staff member why they have the best job.  The answer will almost always be “I work at a baseball field” or something to the effect.  While I agree with that, there is one downfall about working at a baseball field.  LOTS OF RAIN AND LOTS OF TARP PULLS!  Tarp pulls are the one thing that no member of any front office staff in all of minor league baseball enjoys.  If there is a person that sincerely enjoys tarp pulls send them to the Shorebirds because we have plenty.  Also, the worst part about pulling tarp is that eventually you have to fold it back up and roll it off the field. 

I think the front office here pulled the tarp close to 20 (maybe more) times in the last three days (counting on and off).  The staff was required to arrive at 6:30 AM one morning to take care of the tarp.  If you leave the tarp on when its sunny outside, the grass will burn.  Almost everyone here has piles of tarp clothes (sweatpants, t-shirts, anything that you don’t mind getting dirty) resting close by in case another pop-up thunderstorm decides to strike.  Most of the time there is a 20-minute warning but sometimes people just start yelling in the front office and everyone sprints out onto the field like a football team running out of the tunnel.

We have all kinds of unique ways of pulling tarp here.  My favorite is “The Burrito”, which is a popular technique.  Basically, we fold the tarp in the shape of a burrito and then try to suck the water out near the drain beside the dugout.  It works pretty well actually.

I would venture to guess that most people don’t realize that the entire front office is required to pull tarp.  That includes Chris Bitters (GM) and Jimmy Sweet (AGM).  Nobody gets a free pass.

The most important thing in a tarp pull is that everyone is on the same page.

Yesterday, the team bought everyone lunch because we couldn’t leave in case we needed to pull tarp.  We had pizza, pasta and salad from Flavors Italian Grille.  It takes about 15 people or so to get that tarp moving.  The more the better.

Just wanted to shed some light on tarp pulls and let you all know some of the ugly aspects of the business that is Minor League Baseball. 

One more thing…if you are ever bored on a rainy day and looking for something fun to do, come to Arthur W. Perdue Stadium and help us pull tarp!  All are welcome.

Until next time, Go Shorebirds!




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