Two Triples in One Game

In game three last night, Xavier Avery connected on two triples.  I thought that was a pretty rare occurence, so I decided to go back and find the last time that it happened for the Shorebirds.  It’s so rare that I couldn’t find the last time it happened.  I browsed the day-by-days for the triples leaders since 1999 and nobody had done it for the Shorebirds.

Tim Raines in 1999 never did it. Willie Harris in 2000 never did it.  B.J. Littleton in 2001 never did it.  Littleton is the single-season leader in triples in Shorebirds history with 18.

I asked the folks at Minor League Baseball to help me out.  In 2009 alone, there have been 20 cases around Minor League Baseball where a player has recorded two triples.  So, I guess its not that rare after all.

If you know that it has happened in Shorebirds history, feel free to let me know.  There certainly could have been a night in the last 14 years where someone not known for triples had two.

5/7/2009     Xavier Avery Delmarva
5/6/2009     Chris Nelson Tulsa
5/5/2009     Jon Del Campo Lansing
5/2/2009      Don Kelly Toledo
5/2/2009      Jon Owings Myrtle Beach
4/30/2009      Carlos Gonzalez Colorado Springs
4/27/2009      Daniel Descalso Springfield
4/25/2009      Collin Cowgill Visalia
4/24/2009      Harold Garcia Lakewood
4/23/2009      Alex Romero Reno
4/22/2009      Osvaldo Martinez Jupiter
4/19/2009      Kuo Hui Lo High Desert
4/18/2009      Damon Sublett Tampa
4/15/2009      David Adams Charleston
4/14/2009      Adron Chambers Palm Beach
4/12/2009      Jose Munoz Saltillo
4/12/2009      Eduardo Perez Inland Empire
4/8/2009      Scott Sizemore Erie
4/1/2009      Donzell McDonald Monclova
3/26/2009      Donzell McDonald Monclova

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