Random Thoughts and Notes

Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there first and foremost!

I don’t have one specific thing that I want to touch on so I figured I’d throw out a schmorgisboard

  • The Shorebirds are now 17-10, which is the best record in the league
  • The Shorebirds have a two game lead over Lakewood in the North
  • Xavier Avery is 10 for his last 19 and on a five game hitting streak
  • The Shorebirds are on a four-game winning streak, which is their longest of the season
  • Rick Zagone’s 7.1 innings against Greensboro is a season long for the pitching staff
  • The Shorebirds have won their last four games by a combined score of 23-2
  • Luis Bernardo recorded his first multi-hit game of the season against Greensboro (3-4)
  • Shorebirds reliever Raul Rivero has not allowed a run in his last 10 innings (five appearances)

Random thoughts

  • Brian Records (clubhouse helper) made pancakes and eggs today before the game for the players (he gave me a plate- delicious)
  • Leaving for West Virginia on Wednesday afternoon at 12
  • No tarp pulls today!

Thats all I have.  I am starving…game just ended a bit ago.

Until next time, Go Shorebirds!



In West Virginia I like the Power Alley Grill out in RF. Its open all day has a outside entrance. Lots of cool Charlston Charlies, Marshall, and WV memorbella. Being a Cleveland fan I was suprised at the Bernie Kosar fathead on the wall.

Some of the seats from the old ballpark are out under the scoreboard. I like this stadium. The Toastman
will get annoying after a while. During the playoff we got him angry at us as the Power players would strike out we yelled. “YOU ARE TOAST!”

The exceptional thing about the new Power downtown ball park to me is the beer consumption of the attendees. It seemed to me that half of them were in their seats watching the game and/or drinking, and the other half were socializing in the concourse just drinking.

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