The Toast Man

I talked a little bit about the “Toast Man” at the West Virginia Power games on the broadcast tonight.  Here are a couple pictures so you can get a visual of what I’m actually talking about.  I’m not going to pass judgement here- not my place.  But, he really stands out at Appalachian Power Park so it is worth a blog. 

Toast Man.jpg

This is from Wikipedia

One unique feature of the park is an electrical outlet located in the backstop behind home plate. This was added to accommodate local businessman Rod Blackstone, nicknamed the “Toast Man,” who has become one of the most famous fans in minor league baseball. Blackstone brings numerous signs to urge the team on, and regularly leads the crowd in family-friendly cheers. He is most famous for bringing bread and a toaster to games, which he had done for years for the Power’s predecessors. When a Power pitcher strikes out a batter, he yells “You are toast!” and then tosses slices of fresh toast into the seats around him. There is also a special section behind third base known as “Rowdy Alley”.

Toast man.jpg

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