Switching Spots on Bus

During this road trip, I have been riding in the back part of the bus because my normal row is a couch that takes up about three rows.  This is a smaller bus so it’s a bit tight and we are carrying an extra man (26).

So far, I actually like riding on the back of the bus.  The front of the bus (coaches and staff) is generally pretty quiet.  There is just more going on in the back (card games, etc.).  On the way to West Virginia, the only down side was sleeping in the bunks.  It was about 110 degrees up there. 

Last night, I sat on one of the couches with Dustin Black and Jedidiah Stephen.  We all watched the Orlando Magic take out the Boston Celtics.  Half of the guys were pulling for Orlando and half for the Celtics.  We watched some Family Guy after that but I started to fall asleep.  We arrived here in Hickory at midnight.

A couple of us ventured across the street to get a late night snack at the gas station.  It took forever because the owner only had a little window open.  So you had to tell her what you wanted, then she had to go get it.  Not ideal.

Anyway, there are a lot of food choices around our hotel!  We have Fuddruckers (home to the 1 pound burger), Outback Steakhouse, Wendy’s, LongHorn Steakhouse and something else I’m forgetting at the moment. 

Before the bus departed yesterday after the Shorebirds were swept, Orlando told the guys to just relax and not to worry about the recent slide.  I like that.  He was definitely really positive because he knew the guys were down.  With that being said, the Shorebirds know that they need to revert back to the winning ways. 

Oh, if anybody is big into hunting out there talk to Jedidiah and Dustin.  For a kid from New York City that has not shot any type of gun or bow, the conversation and pictures were pretty cool.  Those two are experts. 

I’ll chat in with you all from L.P Frans Stadium,




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