Early Wake Up!

My alarm clock was set for 7:30 this morning.  I have to be honest…I hit the snooze button until 7:45 AM.  This is our first morning game away from Perdue Stadium. 

Last nights game didn’t finish until around 11:25 PM (4:17 minutes).  The bus didn’t arrive back at the hotel until well after midnight.  Both teams are in the same position so we will see what happens today.

Couple moves to make you aware of.  Jedidiah Stephen has been placed on the DL (elbow).  With Greg Miclat getting sick a couple days ago, the Orioles have sent shortstop Javier Santana to Hickory, NC.  Santana played in the GCL last season.  He hit .238 with six RBI.  He played all over the infield in the GCL.  He will play short until Greg Miclat/Jedidiah Stephen are ready to return.  Santana’s flight was due to arrive around 11 PM so he may have actually beat us to the hotel.

Luis Bernardo and Tyler Kolodny did well on the left side of the infield yesterday.  Kudos to them for going out there and filling voids. 

The breakfast in the hotel is not free (not ideal) so I don’t know what everyone is doing before heading to the park.  Bus was pushed back to 9:30 (this is the definition of show and go).  I think there is a Waffle House down the road that I might try and run to after completing this blog.

I’ve got to hurry and get ready to rock and roll.  Air time is in two hours!

Until next time, Go Shorebirds!


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