Home Sweet Home

We got in this morning at about 7:00 o’clock.  Quick turnaround today for everybody.  First pitch against Kannapolis is scheduled for 7:05 PM.

Players don’t have to report to the ballpark until 4:00 PM.

Crowded bus last night so I was up in the bunks.  Hot at first up there, but once I fell asleep around 1:30 it was fine.  We are carrying two extra players.  Jedidiah Stephen and Brendan Monaghan are both on the DL but both are travelling.  Stephen is set to come off the DL this weekend by the way.  He has been taking batting practice and infield on the road.  Monaghan is progressing in his rehab. 

We caught the 3rd and 4th quarters on the bus of the Denver-Lakers game.  Tough loss for Eddie Gamboa and Tyler Kolodny (California guys).  Then we watched Enemy at the Gates.

It feels a little weird to be home at Arthur Perdue.  That road trip felt like it was two weeks instead of just one. 

Time to get after it today.

Until next time, Go Shorebirds! 

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