Joe Mahoney’s Guest Blog

Note: During the rest of the season, I will try and get a different player to write a short guest blog.  I thought Joe Mahoney would be a good lead off for this because this is his second year on the Eastern Shore and he is certainly a crowd favorite here at Arthur W. Perdue Stadium.  Entering game one against Kannapolis, Mahoney is hitting .292 with 17 RBI. 


Hey fans, Joe Mahoney here giving you guys a heads up on how the team is doing.  It is nice to be back in Delmarva & not in a hotel room.  The road trip was long and we battled with West Virginia and Hickory.  Though we played well, our record didn’t show it, but now we’re on a roll after winning the last two.

We got in this morning around 7 AM and sleeping on the bus is no fun.  But, that is the life of a minor league baseball player and that’s why we love the game.  As always, we are looking forward to playing on Friday night (May 22) right in Salisbury in front of you guys.  We will put our best effort on the field and hopefully walk off the field with a victory.  See you all tonight and come support our run at a championship.

-Joe Mahoney-


I hope you enjoy these guest blogs.  I figure it will give you a perspective from the players angle instead of my view all the time.

‘Birds go for three in a row tonight.  Cole McCurry goes for Delmarva against Justin Edwards.

I walked down to the clubhouse some time ago and the Kannapolis coaching staff was already there.  They must have either taken a cab to the park or had the bus driver bring them over early.  Both teams arrived in Salsibury around 7 AM as Joe Mahoney mentioned.  Kannapolis was coming from home after finishing their series with Hagerstown.

Until next time, Go Shorebirds!

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