Wieters to the Bigs

Finally, the Wieters era at the big league level has arrived.  He will be called up the Orioles on Friday.  You always wonder what the trickle down effect will be on the catchers in the minors.  No time for speculation.  Way to many possibilities.

Here is what Andy McPhail had to say about the call up.  It’s interesting to note that he made it first public on the Orioles telecast on MASN today. 

Courtesy of Spencer Fordin and the Orioles.com.

“He’s been on quite a streak the last 10 days, and today in Norfolk he’s 4-for-4 with a couple RBIs,” MacPhail said. “He’s made the progress. The power’s starting to come and he’s over .300 as we speak. It’s time. He’s done what he needed to do at that level. We just wanted to make sure we didn’t get into a circumstance where he had to go back. We’re reasonably comfortable that this is a good time for him and we’re going to give it a shot.”

I think Wieters is going to do very well.  I saw him quite a bit last season in Frederick when I was in Myrtle Beach and everybody had nothing but great things to say about him.  I did an interview with him and he really has his head on straight.  Remember, Blaine Beatty (our current Pitching Coach) was the Pitching Coach of that team.  One of the first things that Blaine will mention when you ask him about Wieters is his incredible arm behind the plate. 

One other piece of news to pass along.  Jacob Julius is going to need some time to heal his wrist.  Remember, he crashed into the bullpen en route for a fly ball three nights ago.  He was placed on the disabled list retro-active to 5/24. 

The Shorebirds are now a man short of the maximum 25.  A move is expected later in the week.

Birds are now on a seven game streak and just a half game behind Lakewood.  Brace yourself for an exciting final month of the first half.

Until next time, Go Shorebirds!


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