Welcome to Kannapolis

We left Salisbury just before 10:00 o’clock last night and arrived at our hotel in Kannapolis at about 6:00 in the morning.  Bus ride was pretty smooth (one stop somewhere in Emporia).  I went straight to bed and woke back up at 8:30. 

The Orioles made another transaction late last night.  RHP Colin Allen was sent back to extended spring training and RHP Travis Keating has been added to the Shorebirds roster.  He is en route for Kannapolis.  It was tough to watch as Colin Allen cleaned out his locker room and packed his car last night, while the rest of the team loaded up the bus.  Just from being around the team this season, I can tell you that Colin was well liked by all the guys.  You never know, hopefully Colin pitches well in Aberdeen and maybe he’ll return to Delmarva towards the end of the season.

Not a bad location for this hotel here in Kannapolis.  CiCi’s Pizza, Buffet Hibatchi, IHOP (perfect for the players because it is open 24-hours) and several other places like Dollar General (great place for finding essentials that you forgot when packing). 

Due to our early morning arrival today, there is only one bus and it isn’t departing until 4:00 PM.  Show and Go day.

Couple other things going on.  All of the coaches and yours truly recently finished filling out our all-star ballots.  They were sent into the league yesterday.  It’s a little early with the game not until June 23rd but obviously they need to make all the arrangements (travel, etc.).  West Virginia is hosting the event this year. 

Today, Ryan Minor is going to nominate two Shorebirds for the Topps South Atlantic League Player of the Month. 

Fieldcrest Cannon Stadium, home of the Intimidators, was constructed in 1995.  The team in Kannapolis was the Piedmont Phillies when the stadium was built.  Fieldcrest Cannon is a textile company in case you were wondering.

Have a couple things to take care of before we depart today.

Until next time, Go Shorebirds!



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