Monaghan Days Away From Return

Welcome to early morning baseball.  Our GM Chris Bitters says it best; the guys hate the early morning games at the eight o’clock hour, but they love them when they’re over because we have the rest of the afternoon off.  Of course today, we will be heading back to Salisbury following the game.  Even so, we will arrive at a reasonable hour because of the morning game.

I talked about this on the broadcast yesterday but for those that were not dialed into the Shorebirds Radio Network, catcher Brendan Monaghan is days away from being activated off the DL.  In an interview I conducted with him on Sunday, he told me that he thought he would be back for the homestand against Lakewood. 

I give Brendan a ton of credit.  Last year, he missed seven weeks with a wrist injury and he has been out now for a over a month this year.  It’s not easy missing that much time and still maintaining a positive attitude.  The last two days, he has been taking batting practice with the team and doing extra throwing work following BP.  He looks ready, although he did mention that it felt a little weird stepping in the cage for the first time in a month. 

Bus departs the hotel at 8:30 AM.  Everyone has to check out of the hotel before getting on the bus.

Until next time, Go Shorebirds!




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