Think on the Bright Side

There is a chance that the Shorebirds will be mathematically eliminated from playoff contention after action today.  If Kannapolis wins and/or the Shorebirds loss, the playoffs will no longer be in reach.  So, I know some of you may be disappointed but let’s try and think about the season on the bright side.  In the final 11 games, if the Shorebirds go at least 4-7, they will have another winning season.  It will be the third in a row as a franchise and 10th in 14 years (500 or better).   

Bold seasons are winning seasons for the Shorebirds. 

1996 Montreal Expos 83-59 .585 — First Lost in Finals

1997 Baltimore Orioles 77-65 .542 — First Leauge Champions

1998 Baltimore Orioles 81-61 .570 — First Lost in First Round

1999 Baltimore Orioles 58-80 .420 25.0 Fourth Did Not Qualify

2000 Baltimore Orioles 74-62 .544 — First League Champions

2001 Baltimore Orioles 61-79 .436 31.0 Sixth Did Not Qualify

2002 Baltimore Orioles 76-64 .543 7.5 Third Lost in Semi-Finals

2003 Baltimore Orioles 67-71 .486 29.0 Third Did Not Qualify

2004 Baltimore Orioles 69-69 .500 15.0 Fifth Did Not Qualify

2005 Baltimore Orioles 72-67 .518 9.0 Third Lost in Semi-Finals

2006 Baltimore Orioles 64-73 .467 19.0 Sixth Did Not Qualify

2007 Baltimore Orioles 68-68 .500 14.0 Fifth Did Not Qualify

2008 Baltimore Orioles 78-61 .561 1.5 Second Did Not Qualify

Just think on the bright side folks..

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