Year of the Stolen Base

I was pondering how this 2009 Shorebirds club would be remembered.  Heres what I came up with… 

2009 was the year of the stolen base and overall team speed. 

The Shorebirds are going to finish with the most team stolen bases since the 2000 season. 

1) 232 (1997)

2) 215 (1996)

3) 194 (1998)

4) 188 (2000)

5) 178 (2009, with one game left)

Think about the overall team speed that the Shorebirds had this season.  Guys like Kyle Hudson, Xavier Avery, Joe Mahoney, L.J. Hoes, Greg Miclat.

Specifically, you have to think about the resurrection of Joe Mahoney’s game.  Stealing 29 bases in 2009 after stealing just 3 total bases through the first 160 games of his minor league career. 

You also have to look at the triples this season for the ‘Birds when you speak of team speed.  Xavier Avery ranks tied for sixth in the South Atlantic League in stolen bases. Joe Mahoney was tied for seventh in the SAL in triples with seven.

Some other ways to remember this team…

1) Cole McCurry’s second half

2) Eddie Gamboa’s start with the ‘Birds and rise through the system

3) Ron Welty’s fine season – SAL mid-season and post-season all-star

There are certainly plenty of other overall ways that you can remember this team.  Those are mine. 

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