Sherman and the Zoo/14 First Rounders

Got an email this morning from Emily Horlacher, our Director of Community Relations, at 7:27 in the AM about Sherman cleaning the zoo today.  Never a weekend off for Emily, Sherman and the entire Shorebirds staff. 

The Salisbury Zoo and its volunteers have partnered with local businesses (including the Shorebirds) to clean the zoo for the summer season. 

Pictures are coming tomorrow (apparently Sherman and some staff members are going on another appearance).

Sometimes I get lost in all the baseball during the season and forget about all the other things that go on around the team.  This year, I’ll try and highlight some other aspects of the team.

Game tonight at 7:00 p.m.  Orioles first round pick Matt Hobgood goes for Delmarva.  He is the 14th first rounder to ever suit up for Delmarva (please correct me if I’m wrong here).  Don’t forget about some of the Expos first rounders. 

Here is the list of Orioles/Expos first rounders that have played in Delmarva:

Chris Schwab (Expos)

Michael Barrett (Expos)

Jayson Werth

Darnell McDonald

Rick Elder

Mike Paradis

Larry Bigbie

Keith Reed

Chris Smith

Adam Loewen

Nick Markakis

Brandon Snyder

Billy Rowell


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