Jolt of Power

Last season, the Shorebirds hit only 49 home runs, which ranked dead last in the South Atlantic League.  Last night, the ‘Birds smacked two home runs (Tyler Kolodny and Justin Dalles). 

The Kolodny home run sailed over left field “Green Monster” while the Dalles home run soared over the dead center field high wall, also a 30 foot high fence.

Apparently, the fence in dead center is 410 feet away and the ball was soaring when it cleared the wall.  I was talking with the media guy in Greenville and he said the home run went 460 (that might be a bit much) but it went at least 430 I’d say.  As I said on the broadcast, I think it was the longest home run that I’ve seen in my time with the team.

I think this team will hit more than 49 home runs. 

Get this…Last season, the Shorebirds didn’t hit their second home run as a team until game number 13.  Shorebirds this year have two homers after three games. 

Talk to you all at the park. Don’t forget to listen in tonight on



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