May 2010

Last One-Hitter

The Shorebirds last threw a one-hitter on June 6, 2006 against the Lakewood BlueClaws.  It was only a seven-inning one-hitter so Nate Moreau, Brent Allar and Josh Dowdy have that beat. 

June 6 2006.pdf

Check out the box score from that game.

A little research for the loyal blog fans on a Saturday. 

Best Hitters Park?

Here is a look at the 14 ballparks in the South Atlantic League and the amount of home runs hit…

Asheville (McCormick Field): 15 for/14 against – 29 total (20 games)

Augusta (Lake Olmstead Stadium) – 8 for/6 against – 14 total (17 games)

Charleston (Joe Riley Jr. Ballpark) – 7 for/6 against – 13 total (20 games)

Delmarva (Perdue Stadium) – 5 for/12 against – 17 total (16 games)

Greensboro (NewBridge Bank Park) – 26 for/21 against – 47 total (21 games)

Greenville (Fluor Field at the West End) – 14 for/14 against – 28 total (20 games)

Hagerstown (Municipal Stadium) – 6 for/17 against – 23 total (20 games)

Hickory (L.P. Frans Stadium – 18 for/12 against – 30 total (16 games)

Kannapolis (Fieldcrest Cannon Stadium) – 13 for/8 against – 21 total (21 games)

Lakewood (FirstEnergy Park) – 3 for/4 against – 7 total (16 games)

Lexington (Applebee’s Park) – 13 for/15 against – 28 total (17 games)

Rome (State Mutual Stadium) – 2 for/6 against – 8 total (15 games)

Savannah (Grayson Stadium) – 5 for/10 against – 15 total (20 games)

West Virginia (Appalachian Power Park) – 7 for/15 against – 22 total (16 games)

It seems like its fair to say that NewBridge Bank Park is probably the best hitters park in the league.  No doubt that McCormick Field (Asheville) is up there as well.  Greenville and Hickory also are hitters parks. 

Perdue Stadium is known as a tough park to hit the long ball in.  The Shorebirds have hit just five.  How about FirstEnergy Park (Lakewood)? Just seven homers in 16 games. 

Two Long Balls

Relaxing night at the hotel here in West Virginia following a Sunday afternoon game at Appalachian Power Park.  We are buried a bit in South Charleston with not a lot around the hotel. 

I’m feeling tired so the players must be exhausted.  Our next off is not until the 9th of June. 

Tyler Kolodny hit two more home runs today to increase his team high total to nine.  He now leads the Orioles farm system in home runs.  Joel Guzmon of Bowie is second with eight.  Kolodny has also tied his 2009 home run total in 34 games.  He hit nine home runs in 107 games last season – talk about improvement.

Nathan Moreau is starting tomorrow evening for Delmarva.  Don’t forget that Moreau was a starter all of 2009 with the Shorebirds.  He made 20 starts and posted a 5-3 mark with a 3.61 ERA.  Moreau made 27 consecutive professional starts before making his first relief outing of this season.

Here is what Moreau did in college at Georgia…

2006: 8-1, 5.50 ERA (20 G/12 S)

2007: 6-2, 4.65 ERA (15 G/13 S)

2008: 4-4, 5.51 ERA (18 G/17 S)

Point is that Moreau has been a stater for his entire baseball career. 


More K’s Than BB

How many guys do you think have more walks than strikeouts in the South Atlantic League? I was wondering myself today because I noticed last night that Ty Kelly has more walks (14) than strikeouts (11).  Brian Conley is close with 18 walks and 18 strikeouts.

So, I decided to go through each team and see how many guys in this league have more walks.  To qualify, I decided a minimum of 30 at-bats.

Asheville- nobody

Augusta- nobody

Charleston- nobody

Greensboro- nobody

Greenville- Zach Gentile (16 BB, 7 K’s in 57 at-bats)

Hagerstown- nobody

Hickory- nobody

Kannapolis- nobody

Lakewood- nobody

Lexington- nobody

Rome- nobody

Savannah- nobody

West Virginia- nobody

Wow, so only Ty Kelly and Zach Gentile have over 30 at-bats and more walks than strikeouts.  Very difficult to do.  Kelly has 96 at-bats on the year, nearly double Gentile.




I’m Back

First of all, I owe the loyal Shorebirds blog fans a sincere apology.  I will do my best to be a more consistent blogger.

Last night was pretty cool for me.  Al Bumbry, former Orioles outfielder, sat right beside me in the booth for nearly the entire game.  During mid-inning breaks we chatted about a wide array of topics.  He was also nice enough to pop the headset on for a live pregame interview.  Al has a really high baseball IQ to this day. 

One thing he told me that he is trying to get his son, Steve Bumbry, to do more often is get in the box early and survey the defensive alignment.  I use the word survey a lot in my basketball broadcasts, but not so much in baseball until now.  In basketball, a point guard will come up the floor and “survey” the defense (what type of defense – man to man, zone, are there any mismatches and so forth).  Last night, Steve led off the eighth inning against a left-handed arm that was pitching well.  He wound up striking out. Al wanted to him to slap a bunt by the pitcher and towards the hole on the right side and use his speed to beat out a single.  Why? The infield was playing back and of course Steve is a lefty batter.  I don’t think people realize how much thought goes on pre-at bat.  Where is the defensive? How many outs? What are the pitchers tendencies? Attack first pitch?

Baseball truly is a thinking man’s game. 

One word to describe Ryan Berry right now? Dominant.

Over his last three outings (21.0 innings pitched), he has allowed only one run on 12 hits.  By the way, Berry has fanned 25 batters in his last three starts.  Last night, he struck out a career high 10 batters.  The only problem right now is that he is still without a win.  For whatever reason, the Shorebirds bats have been very quiet when Berry is on the hill.

In the 36.1 innings that Berry has pitched, the Shorebirds offense has produced just 10 runs (five of them came in one start against Greensboro).