More K’s Than BB

How many guys do you think have more walks than strikeouts in the South Atlantic League? I was wondering myself today because I noticed last night that Ty Kelly has more walks (14) than strikeouts (11).  Brian Conley is close with 18 walks and 18 strikeouts.

So, I decided to go through each team and see how many guys in this league have more walks.  To qualify, I decided a minimum of 30 at-bats.

Asheville- nobody

Augusta- nobody

Charleston- nobody

Greensboro- nobody

Greenville- Zach Gentile (16 BB, 7 K’s in 57 at-bats)

Hagerstown- nobody

Hickory- nobody

Kannapolis- nobody

Lakewood- nobody

Lexington- nobody

Rome- nobody

Savannah- nobody

West Virginia- nobody

Wow, so only Ty Kelly and Zach Gentile have over 30 at-bats and more walks than strikeouts.  Very difficult to do.  Kelly has 96 at-bats on the year, nearly double Gentile.




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