Two Long Balls

Relaxing night at the hotel here in West Virginia following a Sunday afternoon game at Appalachian Power Park.  We are buried a bit in South Charleston with not a lot around the hotel. 

I’m feeling tired so the players must be exhausted.  Our next off is not until the 9th of June. 

Tyler Kolodny hit two more home runs today to increase his team high total to nine.  He now leads the Orioles farm system in home runs.  Joel Guzmon of Bowie is second with eight.  Kolodny has also tied his 2009 home run total in 34 games.  He hit nine home runs in 107 games last season – talk about improvement.

Nathan Moreau is starting tomorrow evening for Delmarva.  Don’t forget that Moreau was a starter all of 2009 with the Shorebirds.  He made 20 starts and posted a 5-3 mark with a 3.61 ERA.  Moreau made 27 consecutive professional starts before making his first relief outing of this season.

Here is what Moreau did in college at Georgia…

2006: 8-1, 5.50 ERA (20 G/12 S)

2007: 6-2, 4.65 ERA (15 G/13 S)

2008: 4-4, 5.51 ERA (18 G/17 S)

Point is that Moreau has been a stater for his entire baseball career. 


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