4 Steals

T.J. Baxter stole four bases last night which is obviously pretty rare.  So, I went back and was looking over the last five years to see if any Shorebirds player accomplished the feat T.J. did last night.  The answer, nobody.  I couldn’t find one player that stole four bases in one game over the last four years.

Even Xavier Avery and Kyle Hudson went without stealing four bases last season.  Both are considered two of the fastest players in the system.  Avery only stole more than one base two times and he never stole more than two bases.  Hudson stole three bases once on 4/28 against Lakewood.    

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Yes, the Hagerstown v. Delmarva game was unusual due to stolen bases.
As noted, Baxter went wild with four stolen bases.
But Hagerstown did well, too, by scoring two runs off of double steals with runners at first and third. Don’t recall that happening before at Perdue Stadium.

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