Back on the Shore

The bus pulled into Perdue Stadium at about 6:30 in the morning from Hickory.  Pretty routine trip at this point in the year.  I just went outside (12:30 p.m) and it is scorching hot today. says that it is 95 degrees but it feels like 105 degrees.  Hottest day of the summer here in Salisbury.

Here are a few notes from the game notes I do…

BREAKDOWN OF OPPONENTS: The Shorebirds have 43 games remaining in 2010.  Here is a breakdown of their remaining opponents.  The ‘Birds will play: 10 games against Lakewood (17-10), four games vs. Hickory (16-12), nine games against Lexington (14-14), eight games against Hagerstown (10-18), four games against Augusta (15-13), four vs. Kannapolis (11-17) and four against West Virginia (11-17). 


THREE STRAIGHT WITH HOMER: For the first time this season, the Shorebirds have connected on at least one home run in three straight games.  The string started on 7/21 when Tyler Townsend hit a home run.  On July 22, Townsend and Brian Conley went yard.  Last night, Conley hit a lead off home run in the first inning.    


45 HITS: The Shorebirds pitching staff surrendered 45 hits in the four game series against Hickory. 


11 ERRORS: The Shorebirds committed 11 errors in the four game set against Hickory.  


SINCE 2005…: Since 2005, only two Shorebirds players have finished a season with an above .300 batting average with 200 or more at-bats.  Ryan Adams hit .308 in 2008.  Adams played in 119 games and totaled 448 at-bats.  In 2005, Jason Fransz hit .308 in 103 games and 396 at-bats. 



Guys getting suspended for Performance Enhancing Drugs is getting out of control.  Five more…


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