Research Time

Today is all about research after a marathon Saturday/Sunday game at Perdue Stadium.  The game lasted five hours and five minutes.  I’ll be honest – record keeping over the years has not been the strong suit of this franchise (that’s typical in Minor League Baseball because of ownership change and the turnover of staff members). 

I found the 1997 Shorebirds media guide this morning and it has the 1996 day-by-day results.  The longest game played in the inaugural year was 17-innings.  On April 26 at Hickory, Delmarva won 6-5 in 17 innings.

I also found the 1998 yearbook with some information from 1997.  On August 10 of 1997, the Shorebirds played an 18-inning marathon against Asheville.  The Shorebirds won that game 2-1.

During the 2000 season, the Shorebirds played a 19-inning game.  All I can find about the game is that it was played in six hours and 13 minutes.  I am going to start looking for more information about the game. 



Perhaps record keeping should be turned over to a dedicated fan–in return for some season tickets or something!

What a game last night, though!

Too bad we didn’t pull through.

I was pretty impressed with Levi Carolus stepping up to the mount for us, but I was disappointed that the radar gun had already gone home for the night. Any idea what his pitch speed was? We were guessing about seventy five.

Carolus was throwing between 79-82 last night. He touched 85 on a couple pitches. Thanks for reading!

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