Tuesday Trivia – Week 2

Time again for Tuesday Trivia on the Shorebirds Blog.  Let me preface this question with an apology for being a little negative.  Ok, with that out of the way, here we go…

Question: When was the last time the Shorebirds posted back-to-back winning seasons (above .500)?

Answer: 1997 (77-65) & 1998 (81-61)

Isn’t that hard to believe?  The Shorebirds have not posted back-to-back winning seasons since 1998. 

Everyone knows about that ’97 team because they won a title.  But how about the ’98 team, they were loaded.  Remember Darnell McDonald, Franky Figueroa, Luis Matos, Eddy Garabito, Jayson Werth.  On the hill, Jay Spurgeon won 11 games and Jeremy Halpin won nine games. 

Let’s hope that 2011 is the start of back-to-back winning seasons. 

Brandon Berns just turned the corner of my cubicle and said that the cranes are headed to the scoreboard to install the new one.  That’s my cue.  See you all in 22 days…

Quick picture of the press conference yesterday to announce the Chickenstock Live concert.


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