Thoughts on Harper

Just arrived back from Hagerstown after four days of watching Bryce Harper.  I just have a few observations on the 18-year old.

1) I have never seen more autograph seekers on a Monday night at a minor league stadium then this past Monday

2) Kudos to Harper for taking time to sign autograph after autograph after autograph before and after games

3) He swings really, really hard. He has what I call a “violent approach” at the plate.

4) Visit the Hagerstown Suns Merchandise shop and you’ll understand the rock star status that he has.  They sell four or five different Harper related products including a “Harperstown” T-shirt (playing off Hagerstown). 

5) He has good outfield speed – at least better than I anticipated.  He made some nice catches during the series.  He misread one and took an average angle back on another, but he’ll get better with the more repetitions. 

6) Good two-strike approach.  There was one particular at-bat where he fouled off a few 3-2 pitches and then ripped an inside fastball into right field.

Just my observations…

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DSB – Is this one of the best offensive teams we’ve ever had with 4 guys in the top 14 in the SAL in batting average?
Schutz, Kelly, Machado, & Scoop

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