Mustache May Update

Mustache May Standings as of Friday morning (more votes have come in this morning that are not included)

Irv Brumbley – $135

Chris Bitters – $127

Tim Berry – $123

Pat Armstrong – $72

Gail Potts – $68

Will Lawhorn – $67

David Bledsoe – $55

Sam Ward – $29

Bret Lasky – $29

Shawn Schoolcraft – $21

Keep the votes coming in…

All the money raised goes to the “Strike Out Hunger” campaign!


What info did we find out on the hit streak record?

Mr. Williams

The 16-game streaks by Schoop and now Kelly are the longest in recorded history. Minor League Baseball did not start keeping day-by-days until 2005 and we have very minimal access to much before then. However, I checked through year-by-year notebooks on the stats portals and I found nothing longer. Longest I found prior were a couple 14-game hit streaks. I don’t think we should call them “longest in franchise history” because we just don’t have accurate records.

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