September 2011

Wider Baselines

I walked outside this morning to check out the Relay for Life set up and stumbled upon Dave and Caroline working to widen the baselines at Perdue Stadium.  They are going to be about two feet wider when the season opens in 2012.  It could have a slight impact on play.  The distance between the infield grass and the foul lines will be a little larger.  In February and March, they are going to be working on evening out the dirt.  A lot goes into how a field looks and plays.  Just thought you might be interested. 

Off season Trivia

I was mulling through some statistics from over the years and I wanted to find Shorebirds players that combined home runs, RBIs and stolen bases.  After looking through some numbers, I narrowed my search to…10+ home runs, 60+ RBIs and 20+ stolen bases.

How many players in Shorebirds franchise history have recorded 10+ home runs, 60+ RBIs and 20+ stolen bases?????

Answer: 4, Orlando Cabrera (1996) – 14 HR, 65 RBI, 51 SB, Jose Fernandez (1996) – 12 HR, 70 RBI, 23 SB, Miguel Abreu (2007) – 13 HR, 60 RBI, 22 SB & Tyler Henson (2008) – 11 HR, 62 RBI, 20 SB

Here is a list of a few other players that combined power and speed, just not to the degree as the four above.

  • Tripper Johnson (2002) – 11 HR, 71 RBI, 19 SB
  • Nick Markakis (2004) – 11 HR, 64 RBI, 12 SB
  • Joe Nowicki (2008) – 19 HR, 78 RBI, 14 SB
  • Eddy Garabito (1998) – 9 HR, 66 RBI, 25 SB
  • Jayson Werth (1998) – 8 HR, 53 RBI, 21 SB
  • Keith Reed (2000) – 11 HR, 59 RBI, 20 SB

I think it is pretty safe to say that no Shorebirds player has combined power and speed like Orlando Cabrera.  To give you some perspective as to how impressive his season was, digest this. Only two A-ball players (combines High-A and Low-A) in 2011 had 60+ RBIs and 50+ SBs – Gary Brown (San Jose Giants) – 80 RBIs/53 SB & Rymer Liriano (Lake Elsinore) 68 RBIs/66 SB.