Interesting Trend

I think anyone that has watched the Shorebirds over the last several years knows that power has not been a team staple.  The numbers depict the notion.

Look at the HR numbers compared to the rest of the teams in the SAL over the last three years.

2011 – 60 (last in SAL)

2010 – 63 (12th out of 14)

2009 – 49 (last in SAL)

Of course there are factors other than lack of power that contribute to home run totals.  Perdue Stadium is not your ideal home run hitting park – there is no secret about that.

It’s interesting to consider league champions in relation to home runs.  Greensboro won the championship in 2011 and blasted 142 long balls (second most in the SAL).  Note – NewBridge Bank Park is widely considered one of the best home run hitters parks in the league.  In 2010, Lakewood was 8th in the league with 83 home runs.  Lakewood also won the title in 2009 and hit only 56 homers (13th out of 16 teams).

Home runs do not directly correlate to championship – we know that to be certain, but it definitely would be a nice boost for the Shorebirds offense to connect on more long balls.

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