Year 17

Now that 2012 is about a week old, I think it’s time to start rejuvenating the blog again.  Special thanks to those that read the blog in 2011 – the blog finished 68th in all of blogs based on page views (not bad at all considering we’re going up against MLB blogs). Let’s strive to be #1 this year.

First order of business – the hot stove banquet is coming on January 28.  I really think it’s going to be great this year with the new format – less traditional listen while someone famous speaks and more of a roundtable discussion between attendees and our favorite bloggers (Roch Kubatko, Steve Melewski, Pete Kerzel).  Come with questions because those guys are really knowledgeable about the Orioles and the farm system. 

Secondly, I got the go ahead from Chris Bitters (our GM) today to purchase a video camera so we’re going to add video to this blog and our website in 2012.  We’ll do a lot more player interviews and things you’re going to love. 

Switching gears, I’ve been designing several of our promo pieces for the upcoming year (pocket schedule, magnet schedule, etc.) so I’ve got the 2012 schedule on my mind.  A few notes…

  • In June, we play 6 straight games against the Lakewood BlueClaws (we play three here, 6/8-10 and then meet in Lakewood for 3 more, 6/11-13. First time I’ve seen that. 
  • My favorite SAL road trip is finally back on the schedule – May 2-8.  Off to Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, SC.  Great places to travel.
  • This year will be the first time since 2006 that we finish the season on the road (August 31 through September 3 in West Virginia.)  The Shorebirds ended the season at home from 2007-2011.
  • We play Greensboro (defending champs) 12 times in the 1st two months of the season
  • The Shorebirds open the year with 18 games in 18 days – welcome to full season ball.

Now, the million dollar question is what will the 25-man roster look like at the start of the season. Time will tell of course. 

I know I’m jumping around a ton but stay with me.  I think I’m onto something. What is one of the most important statistics to championship caliber team? Answer: stolen bases.  Ok, let me explain by showing you what the most recent SAL champions did on the bases.

2011: Greensboro (164, 5th in the SAL)

2010: Lakewood (183, 2nd in the SAL)

2009: Lakewood (210, 1st in the SAL)

2008: Augusta (163, 4th in the SAL)

2007: Columbus (200, 2nd in the SAL)

Still not a believer? Guess who led the Eastern League (AA) in stolen bases this year – New Hampshire, the league champion. 

Stolen bases are a team statistic that I think more people should talk about.  Everyone talks RBIs and HRs but having 2-4 guys that can get on and take additional bases might just be the key ingredient to an MiLB title. 

That’s all I have for today – have a great day!

Keep checking back for daily/weekly updates about everything related to the club. 


Looking forward to a great year!

Thanks for reading Jeff! Should be an exciting year indeed.

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