January 2013

Interesting Pujols Story

I wanted to relay an interesting story about Luis Pujols that I gathered from my 30-45 minute conversation with the new Shorebirds manager before the Hot Stove Banquet on Saturday. 

Here is a little background so you understand.  From 2003-2006, he served as the first base coach of the San Francisco Giants. 

Now, during his time with the Giants, one thing he did on a daily basis was throw batting practice.  He always threw to group one (generally group one in batting practice is the top 4 hitters in the order).  Barry Bonds was always in that group.  Also in the group at times were guys like Marquis Grissom, Rich Aurilia, Edgardo Alfonzo and others.  Barry was always in the group because he batted 3rd. 

I contacted the Giants for pictures of Pujols before he was announced as manager and they sent me a great one of Pujols and Bonds (below).  Regardless of your opinion on Bonds, the point of the story is that the Shorebirds new manager has been around the game and will have a ton of neat stories like this one.  Image