Prospect Book Arrives

I just got my 2013 Baseball America Prospect Handbook, a real jewel for any broadcaster or minor league baseball enthusiast.  It ranks the top 30 (plus a 31st) prospects in every organization.

I listed the top 15 prospects for the Orioles entering the season (again according to Baseball America).  Please note that ranking prospects is never an exact science and there will always be disagreement based on your baseball eye.

1. Dylan Bundy (2012 Shorebird)

2. Kevin Gausman

3. Jonathan Schoop (2011 Shorebird)

4. Nicky Delmonico (2012 Shorebird)

5. Eduardo Rodriguez (2012 Shorebird)

6. L.J. Hoes (2009 Shorebird)

7. Xavier Avery (2009 Shorebird)

8. Mike Wright (2011 Shorebird)

9. Branden Kline

10. Adrian Marin (2012 Shorebird)

11. Tim Berry (2011 + 2012 Shorebird)

12. Christian Walker

13. Henry Urrutia

14. Glynn Davis (2012 Shorebird)

15. Torsten Boss

Of the top 15 prospects, 10 have played for the Shorebirds within the last four years.  Of the top 30 prospects, 18 have played for the Shorebirds in the last four years.

The player that made the biggest jump from last year to this year as far as his ranking is concerned is Eduardo Rodriguez.  He was ranked 30th by Baseball America entering the 2012 season.  Now, he is ranked 5th and the 3rd best pitching prospect! Rodriguez went 5-7 with a 3.70 ERA for the Shorebirds last season.

I’m glad that Ty Kelly finally got some love from Baseball America.  He is the 30th best prospect in the system entering the season.  I get that Ty will turn 25 during the middle of the 2013 season, but his numbers are undeniable.  His career minor league numbers are strong – .283/.379/.378.  He has walked more times (247) than he has struck out (245) in four MiLB seasons.  He hit .308 in AA last year, .278 in 11 games in AAA.  Hope he gets a shot one day!


What about Jonathan Schoop holding down the third base side for the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the World Baseball Classic? We’re proud of him too!

The Prospect Handbook and supplement list the top 31 prospects for each major league team. Of the South Atlantic League teams, Lexington (Kansas City) as the most top 31 prospects – 11. The Shorebirds have the 2nd most with eight. Augusta has only one top prospect. Alas, history shows that more top prospects does not correlate with a better record. .

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