Hunter Harvey Starts Here?

It seems like every off-season, there is one blue chip prospect that fans cross their fingers for.  This year, it is pitching prospect Hunter Harvey, who the Orioles selected in the first round (22nd overall) in the 2013 First Year Player Draft.

Here is the quick low down on Harvey…

Between the GCL and Aberdeen in 2013, he went 0-1 with a stellar 1.78 ERA in eight starts.  In 25.1 innings, he allowed 21 hits and five earned runs.  The 18-year old struck out 33 and walked only six batters.

So, he is obviously advanced for his age. 

Now, does he start with the Shorebirds in 2014?

The precedent that has been set over the last number of years leads you to believe the answer is yes.  Think about all the high school first rounders the Orioles have drafted and where they started the following year after they were drafted.

Matt Hobgood – 1st round 2009, started with Shorebirds in 2010

Manny Machado – 1st round 2010, started with the Shorebirds in 2011

Dylan Bundy – 1st round 2011, started with the Shorebirds in 2012

Of course we know that the precedent is drastically different for college first round draft picks.  Take for example Matt Wieters (2007), Brian Matusz (2008) and Kevin Gausman (2012).  All were drafted in the first round by the Orioles out of college and all three skipped this level. 

I know many Shorebirds/Orioles fans don’t want me to do this, but even go back to 2006 when Billy Rowell was the Orioles first round pick.  In 2007, he started with the Shorebirds.

How about 2005? Yep, Brandon Snyder was the Orioles first rounder and he started with the Shorebirds in 2006.  He didn’t have great success (.194) and was moved to Aberdeen once the NYPL began in June. 

So, the conclusion is that there is a good chance Hunter Harvey starts with the Shorebirds in 2014.


exciting that hunter harvey will likely start at delmarva. thinking that the other 2013
1st round choice will be in salisbury, too – centerfielder josh hart.

Yea, that would make sense.

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