Perdue Stadium Plays Tough

It’s always a topic of conversation – on the bus, in the stands, at other ballparks, etc.  Arthur W. Perdue Stadium has always been a graveyard – a pitcher friendly park.  The numbers back it up…


  • Shorebirds hit 23 HR’s at home and 34 on the road
  • Shorebirds pitchers gave up 22 HR’s at home and 44 on the road
  • Shorebirds pitchers had a 3.78 ERA at home and a 4.78 ERA on the road


  • 25 homers at home/42 homers on the road
  • 4.05 home ERA/4.72 road ERA

Take a look at every ballpark in the South Atlantic League.  Now, of course these numbers are a bit skewed because certain teams (i.e. Hickory) hit a lot of home runs wherever they went.  Below is a look at every park in the SAL and how many home runs were hit in 2013 (home team and visitor).  Only three other parks yielded fewer home runs in 2013…

Greensboro (NewBridge Bank Park) – 161

Hickory (L.P. Frans Stadium) – 145

Asheville (McCormick Field) – 127

Greenville (Flour Field) – 98 

Lexington (Whitaker Bank Ballpark) – 76

Charleston (Joseph P. Riley, Jr.) – 73

West Virginia (Appalachian Power Park) – 72

Hagerstown (Municipal Stadium) – 68

Kannapolis (CMC Northeast Stadium) – 62

Rome (State Mutual Stadium) – 49

Delmarva (Perdue Stadium) – 45

Savannah (Grayson Stadium) – 42

Lakewood (FirstEnergy Ballpark) – 38

Augusta (Lake Olmstead Stadium) – 34

If you’re reading this and wondering if 2013 was an anomaly – it wasn’t.  These numbers are fairly consistent every year. Greensboro’s park yields the most home runs and Perdue Stadium is among the bottom four or so. 

The last Shorebirds player that put up “big-time” power numbers was Joe Nowicki in 2008 – he hit 19.  Of the 19, only six came at home.  

The last player that had big power success at Perdue Stadium was Jason Fransz in 2005.  He hit 14 of his 22 home runs at home.

The point is that it is rare, but possible for a power bat to hit a significant amount of home runs at Perdue Stadium.  I think the ballpark plays fair, but tough for power bats.  


thinking hickory is high on the home run list due to all the sluggers (gallo, brinson,rua, etc) they had rather than the hickory facility itself.

Absolutely agree on Hickory…however I’ve seen HR’s at LP Frans that would not have been HR’s at Perdue Stadium.

stadium dimensions not huge. is it a prevailing wind that knocks balls down?

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