February 2014

Visiting Players at Perdue

This year in our Play Ball magazine, we’ll have a page that looks at the great visiting players that have played at Arthur W. Perdue Stadium.  Sometimes we focus so much on the Shorebirds players (for obvious reason, of course) that we fail to realize the greatness that has come through this stadium in non Shorebirds colors over the years.  

Karl Haller, an avid Shorebirds fan, is helping me put together a list of great visiting players that have stepped foot inside Arthur W. Perdue Stadium.

The list so far is awesome.

For example, in 2002 Robinson Cano (the guy that just signed a $240 million contract with the Mariners and may be the best second baseman in the game) played for the Greensboro Bats (now Grasshoppers).  The Bats, a Yankees affiliate, played against the Shorebirds at Arthur W. Perdue Stadium.  Cano was 19-years old back then.  He played in 113 games in the South Atlantic League and batted .276 with 14 home runs. 

How about this name – Josh Hamilton? Yep, he played for the Charleston RiverDogs in 2000 when they were a Tampa Bay (Devil Rays) affiliate.  He played against the Shorebirds at Perdue Stadium.  During a 3-game series, he went 11-for-14 (according to the meticulous and well kept notes of Karl Haller). Hamilton batted .302 that season with 13 home runs in the SAL.  

We’ll tease you with one more for now.  Matt Cain – a 2-time World Series Champ with the San Francisco Giants pitched against the Shorebirds at Perdue Stadium back in 2003.  

The point is this – next time you come to a Shorebirds game cheer loud for the hometown, but keep your eyes on both dugouts.  The next perennial MLB all-star may come from the visiting side.